Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Quick Online Counseling Fix A Risky Visitation Situation

The question:
I have a 6 year old child that has no problems what so ever until this last week. She visited her father for the week (he sees her every other weekend).

She was injured there; her fathers girlfriend’s son gave her a black eye (accident or not? I do not know). I have noticed burses on her leg; she told me Papa did it with the belt.

She does tell me that she doesn't like going over there; I know that most of the time on his weekends she is at his parents house, who make her sleep on the floor, because the bed they have for her is a baby bed.

Now she cries when I drop her off at school (I have never had problems with separation anxiety before). Can I get a quick fix of the situaton? Does the Online Counseling method fit here?

My Answer:

Yes, You do not need a face to face meeting, since Online Counceling is strong enough to provide the right support for the situation. The best is to have a 'good talk' with the father. Risky visitation must be immediately stopped.

If this Online Counseling process is not satisfactory, you may ask the social services or the court to intervene in order to provide a supervised visitation arrangement or to authorize some other major changes for the visitation process.

An improved mode of the personal Online Counseling is to come to an agreement with the father to use me or another professional as a formal agreed upon mediator.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Marriage and Drinking: What Online Counseling Can Do?

The question:

My husband and I aren't getting along. I'm mad cause I think he drinks too much and is not prioritizing his responsibilities and leaves everything little thing for me to "worry" about and then when I mention it to him, I'm so frusterated by that time it comes out wrong and the whole thing blows up in to something it shouldn't have.

...He recently had to do treatment because of a dwi...

...He's not violent or a sloppy drunk or anything, but it's just that "addiction" and that he just drinks and drinks...

...I want to enjoy ONE in the evening. I have to hide my pain pills from him too or else he eats them like candy..

...We have not spoke in days cause I went off on him about drinking too much... Do I need Therapy? Do we both need it? Can your Online Counseling method work for us?

My reply:
Drinking is a problem that has many explanations, theories and treatment approaches.

Mine is that everything relates to relationship: either to yourself, or to your significant other(s). This is the underlying basic foundation that elicits the strong attachment to the substance material that becomes the substitute friend. And therefore you would not have too much of a success chance if you use anger to confront the drinker.
You both need a professional help here, since the 'relationship issues' are very complex and not too simple to solve. And 'Yes' - Online Counseling can be the process that you would and should use.

The secondary problem is the addiction. That is why your wish to enjoy (only) ONE in the evening is not realistic and probably counter productive.

Addictions, habits and behavioral patterns are also complex issues to deal with and therefore your chance to succeed without a professional help is not high. Needless to say - Online Counseling can be the process that you would and should use.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

What Online Counseling Can Do Fading Love

Fading Love: How Online Counseling Can Bring The Color Into Your Life
The question:
Although we are not technically married, we've been together three years, and living together for just over one. Our lives are busy and stressful since we're both trying to decide what to do with our careers.

I get that love feeling only some of the time. I'm sure it's the same for him. We both had an argument last night, him saying I'm cold to him and me saying he's cold to me.

Sometimes I find myself thinking about leaving the relationship and search again to have that feeling of being in love again. I'm thinking about therapy, but knowing our lifestyle, Online Counseling would be the better approach for us. Can it indeed help us to keep the love alive, with the little time we have to spend on each other? Thanks.

My Answer:
It could be that your feelings signal the reality: that this relationship has no good future. This is one of the advantages of living together before marriage; something like a test drive. In order to better assess the relationship - a process that usually requires a professional consultation - it is defenitely advisable to use Online Counseling in order to explore the three factors of 'true and long-lasting relationship' theory. These themes or facets of entire relationship are: 1. the degree of current and future intent for commitment to each other, 2. the quality and frequency of shared intimacy experience(s), 3. the quality and quantity of sexuality. To conclude, Online Counseling is a quick and relatively unexpensive method to allow you develop the answers for your question, regarding ‘what to do’.

Online Counseling Advice Regarding Visitation

Online Counseling Advice Regarding Visitation: It Is Not An Easy Issue As It Sounds
The question:
I am a first grade teacher and was married to an airline pilot who cheated, so I ended our marriage. We have a four year old son who is wonderful. I want for my son to see his father...I would NEVER take that away.
BUT due to the constant change of schedule in my ex's life there is NO stability. It changes every 8 weeks and within that 8 weeks there are usually 4-5 changes within those. I’m also experiencing often abuses around it: over a couple of weekends he said he was working but it wasn't so. I need a professional help, but going to a format 'Therapy' does not seem right. Can you provide Online Counseling in my case? The father just didn't keep his promise to have our son over the weekend.

I feel am still being controlled by him and he isn't even my husband!
He already has a foreign lady living with him when we are not even officially divorced....HELP. I am not bitter...just tired. I need advice.

My Answer:
Yes, your issue can be solved via Online Counseling. There are two different relationships here, which require two different attitudes: first is the relationship between the father and the son; my advice is to apply a very assertive attitude. Appropriate visitation scheduling and visitation maintenance are essential issues for your son, and therefore you should inform the court of any (even tiny) changes, and sue damages in behalf of the child. Fight without mercy for your child's parental needs and well-being.

Second is the relationship between you and your X; this on going 'story requires professional help in many cases and Online Counseling is a good guidance tool to use. My advice is to apply a ‘not interested’ and 'I do not care' attitude. Free yourself from the continuous control by ignoring whatever he does. Avoid calculating how complicated your life is while he is having fun. You are separated now, so do not look for any equality. Do not contact him for anything; let the court system or your lawyer help with the divorce process. I admit that this attitude is an easy thing to talk about, and a very hard task to maintain. That is why many in your situation need good continuous professional guidance, and as said above, Online Counseling is an easy way to reach for it.

Instant Online Counseling About 'Do It Right At The Right Time'

Instant Online Counseling About 'Do It Right At The Right Time'
The question:
I am at a crossroads, I have a three year old son and I am divorced. I don't have any relationships on the cards right now, but I want to have another child before my biological time is up.
Can you provide a quick Online Counseling regarding getting pregnant?

My Answer:
I do give from time to time short and instant Online Counseling advice; but your case does not need any 'deep' process at all. Using healthy simple common sense, we know that natural pregnancy has a long term emotional and financial effect, since there is a real father somewhere.

So here it is, and do not call it Online Counseling since there is no need to get into any deep professional process. Just refer to it as an obvious answer: an anonymous sperm donation, from a reputable firm (!!!) that eliminates any contact with the biological father, seems to be a better solution for your situation.

Fighting The Fighting Husband With Online Counseling

Fighting The Fighting Husband With Online Counseling
The question:
I'm 27, my husband is 30. We've been married for about 3 years and dated for about 3 years prior to marriage. My husband is very "worldly" and has hundreds of friends from his past. Lately, my husband has been acting differently. He seems to be depressed sometimes with money issues and easily gets offended when I'm not in "the mood".
Lately he accused me of cheating on him. I love my husband very much and have never cheated on him and I never would.
What could be causing this change in him? Can we explore the situation with your Online Counseling system? We've been having money problems, but nothing serious, and we don't fight about money. Is my husband depressed? Why would he accuse me of cheating on him? Should I be concerned that he's cheating on me?

My Answer:
The tendency to "fight or flight" at times of crisis brings many to be aggressive and passive / depressed at the same time. Online Conseling can definitely guide and direct you to the appropriate ways of providing continuos emotional support (intimacy, sex and leisure sport activities are the best home made remedies). Furtheremore, Online Counseling will assit you to avoid getting into the defensive position of denying accusation. Last but not least: encourage your husband to take immediate Online Counseling himself to combat his vocational / financial issues.

Your comment?

Online Counseling Brings An Old Fashion Husband To The 21St Century

Online Counseling Brings An Old Fashion Husband To The 21St Century
The question:
We have been married two years; have a joint 18 month old daughter + 16 year old son from my wife’s previous marriage.

I am 39 she is 37. She is a teacher and I am also in education, we both have MBA; we do well financially.

We do fight a lot over simple household issues. I am a recovering alcoholic. This is my first marriage, this is her third marriage.

She recently asked me about going with her female friend for the weekend in ‘the big city’ to see a concert and celebrate her birthday. I told her it was a bad idea, for two women to be partying alone as they have had tendencies to get way out of control with drinking.
We argued about. Eventually she said she is almost 40 and she goes wherever whenever she chooses. I don’t think a married person with a family can just do whatever they want whenever they want. I told her if she do it, I would be gone when she came home.
Am I wrong? Do I Nedd Therapy? Maybe Online Counseling? Do I have a right to be angry?

My Answer:
Yes, you do need some kind of a learning lesson; and yes, Online Counseling can be the right and the easiest way to get it. In spite of you academic proof of being officially smart, it seems to me that you:
1. hold a very old fashion and problematic attitude towards women, marriage life, independence and the meaning of friendship.

2. project your won fears from getting into a potential disaster yourself under a similar trip situation.

Grow up! Take the riquired learning time; Online Counseling could be the method if you like. Let your wifw breath! And finally, let me guess: is it true that this “management style” of yours also causes difficulties with the teen age kid?

Your comment?

Online Counseling Case Summary: The Child With The Two Daddies

Online Counseling Case Summary: The Child With The Two Daddies

The question:
My grandson is 5. My daughter and his bio dad never married. There were custody issues.

My daughter has been married for 2 years now. Stepfather is a good man

Since a year ago, out of the blue, bio dad stopped coming or even calling to pick up his son.

We tried to explain to Cody (the child) but actually we had nothing to say. He now calls the step father Daddy; some other times asks where Daddy Jay is (BIO DAD) and why doesn’t he call or come.

Should we get Cody in counseling right away? My daughter can talk to the school psychologist. We feel that he is too young to be told the truth, that bio dad is dead beat with problems of drug abuse.

The Online Counseling Process:
1. First theme was regarding the best of telling the kid the truth: you do not know where he is, and you hope that at a later time, you will find him or he will contact you all.

2. The second issue aimed to de-escalate the situation; the idea was to convince the family that the child’s counseling at this point is unwise

3. The main on-going Online Counseling topic was the guidance and direction that the adult family members needed in order to re-connect with the bio father; they accepted that this is the proper thing to do.