Sunday, April 13, 2008

Online Counseling Case Summary: The Child With The Two Daddies

Online Counseling Case Summary: The Child With The Two Daddies

The question:
My grandson is 5. My daughter and his bio dad never married. There were custody issues.

My daughter has been married for 2 years now. Stepfather is a good man

Since a year ago, out of the blue, bio dad stopped coming or even calling to pick up his son.

We tried to explain to Cody (the child) but actually we had nothing to say. He now calls the step father Daddy; some other times asks where Daddy Jay is (BIO DAD) and why doesn’t he call or come.

Should we get Cody in counseling right away? My daughter can talk to the school psychologist. We feel that he is too young to be told the truth, that bio dad is dead beat with problems of drug abuse.

The Online Counseling Process:
1. First theme was regarding the best of telling the kid the truth: you do not know where he is, and you hope that at a later time, you will find him or he will contact you all.

2. The second issue aimed to de-escalate the situation; the idea was to convince the family that the child’s counseling at this point is unwise

3. The main on-going Online Counseling topic was the guidance and direction that the adult family members needed in order to re-connect with the bio father; they accepted that this is the proper thing to do.

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