Sunday, April 13, 2008

Online Counseling Brings An Old Fashion Husband To The 21St Century

Online Counseling Brings An Old Fashion Husband To The 21St Century
The question:
We have been married two years; have a joint 18 month old daughter + 16 year old son from my wife’s previous marriage.

I am 39 she is 37. She is a teacher and I am also in education, we both have MBA; we do well financially.

We do fight a lot over simple household issues. I am a recovering alcoholic. This is my first marriage, this is her third marriage.

She recently asked me about going with her female friend for the weekend in ‘the big city’ to see a concert and celebrate her birthday. I told her it was a bad idea, for two women to be partying alone as they have had tendencies to get way out of control with drinking.
We argued about. Eventually she said she is almost 40 and she goes wherever whenever she chooses. I don’t think a married person with a family can just do whatever they want whenever they want. I told her if she do it, I would be gone when she came home.
Am I wrong? Do I Nedd Therapy? Maybe Online Counseling? Do I have a right to be angry?

My Answer:
Yes, you do need some kind of a learning lesson; and yes, Online Counseling can be the right and the easiest way to get it. In spite of you academic proof of being officially smart, it seems to me that you:
1. hold a very old fashion and problematic attitude towards women, marriage life, independence and the meaning of friendship.

2. project your won fears from getting into a potential disaster yourself under a similar trip situation.

Grow up! Take the riquired learning time; Online Counseling could be the method if you like. Let your wifw breath! And finally, let me guess: is it true that this “management style” of yours also causes difficulties with the teen age kid?

Your comment?

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