Sunday, April 13, 2008

What Online Counseling Can Do Fading Love

Fading Love: How Online Counseling Can Bring The Color Into Your Life
The question:
Although we are not technically married, we've been together three years, and living together for just over one. Our lives are busy and stressful since we're both trying to decide what to do with our careers.

I get that love feeling only some of the time. I'm sure it's the same for him. We both had an argument last night, him saying I'm cold to him and me saying he's cold to me.

Sometimes I find myself thinking about leaving the relationship and search again to have that feeling of being in love again. I'm thinking about therapy, but knowing our lifestyle, Online Counseling would be the better approach for us. Can it indeed help us to keep the love alive, with the little time we have to spend on each other? Thanks.

My Answer:
It could be that your feelings signal the reality: that this relationship has no good future. This is one of the advantages of living together before marriage; something like a test drive. In order to better assess the relationship - a process that usually requires a professional consultation - it is defenitely advisable to use Online Counseling in order to explore the three factors of 'true and long-lasting relationship' theory. These themes or facets of entire relationship are: 1. the degree of current and future intent for commitment to each other, 2. the quality and frequency of shared intimacy experience(s), 3. the quality and quantity of sexuality. To conclude, Online Counseling is a quick and relatively unexpensive method to allow you develop the answers for your question, regarding ‘what to do’.

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