Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Quick Online Counseling Fix A Risky Visitation Situation

The question:
I have a 6 year old child that has no problems what so ever until this last week. She visited her father for the week (he sees her every other weekend).

She was injured there; her fathers girlfriend’s son gave her a black eye (accident or not? I do not know). I have noticed burses on her leg; she told me Papa did it with the belt.

She does tell me that she doesn't like going over there; I know that most of the time on his weekends she is at his parents house, who make her sleep on the floor, because the bed they have for her is a baby bed.

Now she cries when I drop her off at school (I have never had problems with separation anxiety before). Can I get a quick fix of the situaton? Does the Online Counseling method fit here?

My Answer:

Yes, You do not need a face to face meeting, since Online Counceling is strong enough to provide the right support for the situation. The best is to have a 'good talk' with the father. Risky visitation must be immediately stopped.

If this Online Counseling process is not satisfactory, you may ask the social services or the court to intervene in order to provide a supervised visitation arrangement or to authorize some other major changes for the visitation process.

An improved mode of the personal Online Counseling is to come to an agreement with the father to use me or another professional as a formal agreed upon mediator.

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Anonymous said...

I will agree with your advice because in this age, the children pick these kind of things rapidly.
Counseling Expert