Sunday, April 13, 2008

Fighting The Fighting Husband With Online Counseling

Fighting The Fighting Husband With Online Counseling
The question:
I'm 27, my husband is 30. We've been married for about 3 years and dated for about 3 years prior to marriage. My husband is very "worldly" and has hundreds of friends from his past. Lately, my husband has been acting differently. He seems to be depressed sometimes with money issues and easily gets offended when I'm not in "the mood".
Lately he accused me of cheating on him. I love my husband very much and have never cheated on him and I never would.
What could be causing this change in him? Can we explore the situation with your Online Counseling system? We've been having money problems, but nothing serious, and we don't fight about money. Is my husband depressed? Why would he accuse me of cheating on him? Should I be concerned that he's cheating on me?

My Answer:
The tendency to "fight or flight" at times of crisis brings many to be aggressive and passive / depressed at the same time. Online Conseling can definitely guide and direct you to the appropriate ways of providing continuos emotional support (intimacy, sex and leisure sport activities are the best home made remedies). Furtheremore, Online Counseling will assit you to avoid getting into the defensive position of denying accusation. Last but not least: encourage your husband to take immediate Online Counseling himself to combat his vocational / financial issues.

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